Committed to Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Ecological & Social

Sustainability is very important at Estrel Berlin and an integral part of the corporate philosophy. Given the grand scale of the Estrel's operation, an ecologically responsible use of resources is essential. During the planning and construction of the Estrel, the energy supply was designed with these aspects in mind. We understand sustainability to mean more than compliance with environmental guidelines. Rather, it is pursued holistically, encompasing all aspects of the operation:

Mobility & Logistics

  • Optimal connection to public transport
  • Bicycles
  • Possibility of charging e-bikes & e-cars

Energy & Heating

  • Lowering the facility temperature during the night
  • Use of energy-saving lamps
  • Use of energy-saving devices
  • Photovoltaic system
  • Investment in energy-saving heating systems

Waste Management

  • No plastic and disposable packaging
  • Recycling of all packaging
  • Eco-friendly office supplies
  • Waste separation
  • Waste press machine

Water & Cleaning

  • Water-saving bathroom facilities and plumbing equipment
  • Use of a climate neutral laundry service
  • Biodegradable detergents
  • Guest participation in determining frequency of towel, bedlinen and room cleaning
  • Greywater system


  • Own greenhouse
  • Onsite production of bee honey
  • Regional food suppliers

Respect for our natural environment Social Responsibility

Having a positive influence on society through unbureaucratic social engagement is a matter close to our hearts. For that reason, we have been actively committed to a diverse portfolio of social institutions for years. An impression of the spectrum of these initiatives may be obtained here.

Job Fair for refugees at Estrel Berlin

Future-oriented Our commitment

As a company in the tourism and event industry, we are facing up to the global challenges of our time. We build our commitment on what is tried and tested and initiate developments where it makes sense.

Find out more about our commitment and our projects in our sustainability brochure.

Christmas wish tree

Wish Tree

  • The collection of donated gifts for the children of a Neukölln children's & youth house
  • Christmas party for these children since 2011

Donation in Kind

  • Donation of high-quality furniture to city mission
  • Clothing donations to the homeless and refugees
School building

School Building in Developing Countries

  • Support for the organization "buildOn"
  • Financing the building of schools in developing countries
  • Volunteering on-site
Homeless celebration

Christmas Party for the Homeless and Needy

  • Held since 1998
  • Goose dinner for 2,500+ persons in need
  • Joint project with Frank Zander

Charity Gala für Hospice

  • Support for the "Ball under the Stars" held since 2006
  • Donations benefit Berlin's Ricam Hospice

Job Fair for Refugees and Foreign Employees

  • Establishment of the "Job Fair for Refugees and Foreign Employees" in conjunction with the Federal
  • Employment Agency, held annually since 2016

Motivated Innovative Initiatives

As a company in the tourism and event industry, we face the global challenges of our time. While much of what we do is based on the tried and tested, when it makes sense, we initiate innovative projects. For example, we grow vegetables and herbs for the restaurant kitchens in a 45 sqm greenhouse located 50 meters up on the roof of the Estrel.

Rooftop garden

Solar Energy Supply for Convention Hall II

School Building Project with buildON

Climate Neutral Laundry

Reducing Food Waste