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The Estrel Congress Center is undergoing expansion

This year, in response to an increased demand for additional event space, the Estrel Berlin has begun work on a new extension. Upon completion of the adjoining Estrel Auditorium, the Estrel Congress Center complex with a total of 28.500 sqm will be even larger than Berlin’s former International Congress Center, which closed in 2014. Its new status as one of Germany’s top-tier conference centres calls for a name that states this loud and clear: Welcome to the ECC.

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7.2 million euros invested in the Estrel Berlin's redesign

An extensive redesign of the 2,800-square-metre atrium with its five restaurants and bars as well as its reception area has been carried out in a record-breaking eight months. Since its completion in mid-August, the heart of Germany's largest hotel boasts a new, timelessly elegant design which favours simplicity. The total sum invested was 7.2 million euros. "We're considered a benchmark institution in the hotel and conference market based on our size alone. With the help of Italian interior designer Luigi Lanzi, we've successfully combined elegance with the height of functionality," says Ekkehard Streletzki, owner of the Estrel. The Bologna-based interior designer previously worked on Berlin's Ellington Hotel, which also belongs to the Streletzki group.

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Job fair offers work for refugees and migrants

On 25 January 2017, the Estrel Berlin will host its second job fair for refugees and migrants. The first fair, which offered more than 1,000 positions to job seekers this past February, was a successful event attended by 5,000 participants and 211 exhibitors. “The response from both job seekers and employers was overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to collaborating again with Berlin’s business community to create a platform for integrating work and vocational training. We see it as our social responsibility to ensure a successful future economy and peaceful coexistence,” says Ekkehard Streletzki, initiator of the largest event of this kind in Germany and owner of the Estrel Berlin.

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