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Taking a Stance against Climate Change with Climate Neutral Linens

Germany's largest Hotel, the Estrel Berlin, opted for the “Climate Neutral Linen Rental” offered by Greif Textile Mietsysteme. By compensating for the carbon dioxide emissions arising from laundering hotel linens, the companies are taking a stance against climate change.

Sustainable use of climate neutrale cleaning

The "Climate Neutral Linen Rental" Greif Textile Mietsysteme offers its clients in the hotel and gastronomy business is innovative and as of yet unique: The company calculates the amount of carbon dioxide emitted as a result of a given linen rental and compensates it via a certified reforestation project in Colombia. Following the lead of numerous mid-sized, owner-led hotels with a focus on sustainability, the Estrel opted in favour of climate neutral linens and has been compensating its emissions since 2019.

For Managing Director Thomas Brückner, ensuring the climate neutrality of the hotel's linen service is consistent with the Estrel's overarching commitment to sustainability: "The Estrel is a modern, future-oriented company. Precisely on account of the hotel's dimensions, the conservation of resources and reduction of its carbon footprint are essential. We are constantly updating our measures to combat the socio-ecological challenges of climate change and the depletion of natural resources. The “Climate Neutral Linen Rental" offered by Greif Textile Mietsysteme is one such measure: it enables us to reduce our carbon footprint, making us a sustainable location for our hotel and event guests."

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