Estrel Berlin

Covid-19: Stay Safe

General hygiene rules
  • Guests are asked to disinfect their hands upon entering the premises

  • Masks covering the nose and mouth are to be worn in communal areas
  • Signs indicating social distancing guidelines of at least 1.5 metres between guests are in place throughout the building and enclosed spaces
  • Disinfectant dispensers have been installed in all communal areas, including the lobby, reception, lifts, toilets, and restaurants
  • The frequency of the cleaning/ disinfection of our communal areas, toilet facilities, and hand-contact surfaces has been significantly increased
  • All communal areas are regularly aired out through, for example, the opening of windows and doors
  • Where possible, doors open automatically or are kept open to minimise the need for hand contact
  • All staff are informed about hygiene regulations
  • An in-house hygiene officer is in contact with public health officials to ensure governmental recommendations are implemented
  • A first-aid-trained security team are on-site 24 hours a day
Communal areas/reception
  • Table and seating capacity have been reduced in accordance with distancing regulations

  • Glass screens are in place to separate guests and reception desk staff
  • Reception desks and screens are regularly disinfected, and room cards/pens are disinfected between uses
  • Disposable masks are available from reception for €0.75
  • Contactless payments are preferable


  • Housekeeping/maintenance staff only enter rooms when wearing masks covering the nose and mouth, and single-use protective gloves

  • Rooms are cleaned in accordance with our hygiene standards, which includes the disinfection of contact surfaces. Charts documenting cleaning protocol are on display to guests
  • Cleaning cloths are used on one room only before being disinfected
  • A written record is kept of which staff member cleaned which room
  • Rooms are aired out during and after cleaning
  • Guests are encouraged to air out their rooms regularly during their stay
  • Rooms are left unoccupied for a minimum of one day between guests
  • Minibars are stocked with bottled water only. A selection of additional take-away drinks and snacks can be purchased at reception and at Restaurant Portofino.
  • All complimentary room refreshments are individually packaged (e.g. no fruit or unwrapped chocolates)
  • Pipe water is regularly sanitised through systematic heating (Legionella)


Dining / Breakfast
  • Guests’ contact details are collected for the purpose of informing those at risk in the case of an infection

  • Waiting and kitchen staff are required to wear masks covering the nose and mouth
  • Distances between tables has been increased to 1.5 metres
  • Staff wear protective gloves while laying tables
  • Guests are asked to wear masks covering the nose and mouth when moving around dining areas
  • Guests are shown to their tables by waiting staff
  • Drinks are served from smaller bottles/containers
  • Contactless payments are preferable
  • Table surfaces are disinfected and linens are changed between each sitting
  • Work practices of waiting and kitchen staff are in line with the current HACCP regulations


Fitness / well-being
  • Massages can be booked in advance

  • The fitness suite is open (with a maximum of three guests permitted inside at once)
  • The sauna and steam room are closed until further notice

These special measures reflect the current situation and are continuously being updated in accordance with changing conditions and official public regulations.