Estrel Berlin
BiOriental Wochenmarkt
Recommended by Martina Mattivi, International Sales Manager at the Estrel Berlin
Fresh fruits at unbeatable prices, gourmet spreads and stands with colourful fabrics, flowers and knick-knacks are waiting to be discovered at this Turkish market along the Maybachufer. With so many stalls to choose from, you'll feel like you've been whisked away to a bazaar in the heart of Istanbul. Going to Berlin's second-largest market is like venturing off on a culinary holiday, with vendors selling freshly-baked gözleme, sticky-sweet baklava, falafel and African peanut soup. Open every Tuesday and Friday, this internationally renowned market is popular with tourists and locals alike.
Walking distance: 3.5 km (43 minutes)
Bus M41 to Hermannplatz, then walking: 3.5 km (23 minutes)
Café Geschwister Nothaft
Recommended by Matthias MandowKey Account Manager Touristik at the Estrel Berlin
Proving that good things come in all shapes and sizes, you'll find the petite, charming Café Geschwister Nothaft located behind the Sonnenallee S-Bahn station to be an unforgettable experience. Get comfortable on cosy couches and peruse the café's magazine collection, or while away the hours surfing the web on complimentary WiFi. In addition to a wide variety of specialty coffees, as well as freshly pressed juices made with ingredients such as ginger, carrots, apples and oranges, patrons can also indulge in traditional Canadian cakes, vegan baked goods, not to mention panini with hummus or goat cheese.
Walking distance: 350 m (5 minutes)
Comenius Garden
Recommended by Heike Klein, Director Key Account Germany at the Estrel Berlin
You'll find the Comenius Garden – named for philosopher, theologian and educator Johann Amos Comenius, born in 1592 – tucked away in serene Böhmisch-Rixdorf. With its fruit trees, wild flowers and idyllic pond, this garden is a secluded oasis of peace and tranquillity. With the push of a silver button at the garden's gate, each visitor is personally welcomed upon entry. Be sure to visit the Seelenparadies (Souls' Paradise) gazebo, if you're planning a picnic or a first date.
Walking distance: 1.2 km (15 minutes)
The historic forge
Recommended by Jan Frederik Vanhamel, Director of Sales at the Estrel Berlin
Rixdorf is in the heart of historical Neukölln, where you can bask in the ways of old village life. Dating back to 1624, the heritage-protected historic forge at Richardplatz is a great place to start your journey back in time. Here, you'll find artisans in full swing, crafting cutlery and artworks using traditional tools and techniques. You can get a glimpse of the craftsmen at work Mondays through Fridays from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Stop by at Christmastime for unforgettable trinkets. After all, what could be more unique than a lucky horseshoe with a personal engraving?
Walking distance: 2.3 km (30 minutes)
Kutschen Schöne
Recommended by Ute Jacobs, Managing Director at the Estrel Berlin
There was a time when some 100 horses graced the stables of "Kutschen Schöne," the Neukölln-based carriage company. Today, visitors can marvel at beautiful antique carriages and wagons located on the grounds of this time-honoured family company. Their beautiful white horses are renowned for leading wedding carriages through the streets of Berlin.
Walking distance: 1 km (13 minutes)
Touristinformation Neukölln
Recommended by Toni Blaschke, Manager Health Care & New Business at the Estrel Berlin
A favourite of locals and tourists alike, Touristinformation Neukölln is located on Karl-Marx-Str. In this fan shop, you'll find products made in Neukölln, including wines, honey, liqueurs, postcards, buttons, vintage tin signs, t-shirts, bags, posters and other one-of-a-kind gifts. Stickers that read "Smile, you're in Neukölln!" in German are a particular crowd-pleaser.
Walking distance: 1.9 km (22 minutes)
Tempelhof Field
Recommended by Diane Pentaleri-Otto, International Sales Manager at the Estrel Berlin
Located on the grounds of the former Tempelhof airport, Tempelhof Field is larger than New York's Central Park with over 300 hectares for bike riding, skating, kite flying, urban gardening, strolling or just doing your own thing. It's hard to believe that up until a few years ago, air commuters could fly right from here. Tempelhof played a key role after World War II during the Berlin blockade, when supply planes landed at the site in 90-second intervals. You can read about this and other notable events in the airport's history on various plaques on the field.
Walking distance: 3.1 km/36 minutes
S-Bahn: S41 (12 minutes)
Der Zauberkönig
Recommended by Ines Caminades, Sales Manager at the Estrel Berlin
For novelty gadgets, magic tricks, costumes and decorations, Zauberkönig is the place to go. Located on Hermann Str., Zauberkönig has been outfitting Berlin's professional magicians and apprentices alike since 1884. Whether you're in the market for magic kits, itching powder, fireworks, feather masks or wands, each purchase comes with a magic trick from the staff.
Walking distance: 2.3 km (30 minutes)