Estrel Berlin
  Person / hour Daily rate (up to 10 h)
IT-Technician 85,- 550,-
Electrician   360,-
House Technician   350,-
Technical Supervisor   350,-
Conference Technician   425,-
Light Designer   650,-
Light Operator   380,-
Sound Operator   380,-
Video Technician   450,-
Production Manager   650,-
Technical Director   750,-
Service Staff 29,-  
Head Waiter (minimum of 6 servers) 49,-  
Service Manager (minimum of 40 guests) 79,-  
Cook 35,-  
Chef de Cuisine 79,-  
Security Staff (06:00 am till 10:00 pm) 28,-  
Security Staff (10:00 pm till 06:00 am) 29,50  
Admission Control and Inspection Personnel 26,-  
Paramedic (mandatory from 400 Persons) 28,-  
Fire protection personell   310,00
Fire safety guard   410,00
Set-up Assistant 23,-  
Cloakroom Attendant 27,-  
Hostess 30,-  
Interpreter   950,-

Our event team would be happy to provide you with an offer tailored to your needs. Please contact us by phone at +49 30 6831 22566 or by e-mail.

Extra charges apply as follows:
Personnel expenses for set-up, operation and breakdown of the technical equipment during rehearsals and the event are invoiced on the basis of the amount of time they involve, in any case a minimum of 6 hours. The full hourly rate is charged for work commenced but not lasting a full work hour. We reserve the right to implement price increases in line with the anticipated inflation rate and on the basis of changes made in the composition of the services provided. Hours that have started are charged at the full hourly rate. All prices are subject to the legally stipulated VAT.