Estrel Berlin


The New Estrel Auditorium

The core structure of the Estrel Auditorium has been completed. This new flagship of the Estrel Congress Center (ECC) will open in a few months. Directly adjacent to the ECC, the bright and clearly laid out new building will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The centerpiece is the auditorium for 800 people which will offer not only a first-class viewing experience of the permanently installed mega-screens via its tiered seating but also an outstanding listening experience enabled by the room’s intelligent acoustic design - truly ideal as a cinema or concert hall. Spanning two light-filled floors joined by escalators and attractive foyer areas are also ten additional meeting spaces for up to 240 guests, which in turn increases the overall function space area of the ECC by 5,000 square meters to a total of 30,000.

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