Estrel Berlin
Sweet breakfast break
Mini sweet croissants and danishes
Pecan pastries
Mini nut pastries
8,50 euros p.p.
Hearty breakfast break
Hearty mini croissants and danishes
Spicey puff pastry snacks
Baked cheese bites
8,50 euros p.p.
Grandma's coffee break
Assortment of seasonal sheet cakes
including crumb cake, apple cake and cheesecake
8,50 euros p.p.
Fitness break
Actimel yoghurt drink
Crudités with avocado dip, tomato sugo
and basil dip
Whole-grain cereal with plain yoghurt
Granola bars
9,- euros p.p.
Berlin coffee break
Bite-sized meatballs with potato salad
Rye roll with traditional German "schmalz" spread
Berlin style doughnuts
Roll with smoked sausage
9,50 euros p.p.
Bread basket break
Country-style slices of Dementer bread
with sweet and savoury farmer's cheese
Sliced bread with traditional German "schmalz" spread
and chives
Whole grain sandwiches with smoked gouda
Bite-sized rolls with assorted toppings
9,50 euros p.p.
American-style coffee break
Deluxe brownies
New York cheesecake
10,- euros p.p.
French coffee break
Petit fours
Chocolate-covered fruit
Tartlets with berries and fruit
11,- euros p.p.
Hearty break
Selection of wraps
Bagels with assorted toppings
Bite-sized rolls with assorted toppings
12,- euros p.p.
Seasonal coffee break
Our kitchen is happy to put togehter an exclusive,
seasonal coffee break menu to suit your personal wishes.
The above quoted prices apply solely for a break of 30 minutes in total duration.
Coffee and tea are complimentary.
Prices quoted exclude statutory VAT.

Do you have any questions about our break time arrangements or would you like us to make you an offer tailored to your event’s needs? Please contact us by phone at +49 30 6831 22566 or by e-mail.