Estrel Berlin
Dinner Buffet I
Marinated crayfish with Beluga lentil salad and candied sweet
Pollo tonnato in tuna sauce
Wild-rabbit terrine with celery salad and cranberries
Red and yellow beetroot with goat cheese
Marinated baby peppers stuffed with mint-couscous salad
Selection of leaf lettuces and deli-style salads
with an assortment of toppings and dressings
Assorted bread and rolls with butter
Celeriac and vanilla crème soup
Saltimbocca with Marsala-glazed vegetables
Roasted poulard breast and herbed woodland mushrooms with
balsamic reduction
Penne verdura with mushrooms, spring onions and artichokes
Seasonal vegetables
Potato-pear gratin
Browned herb "Schupfnudeln" (rolled pasta)
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce
Mousse au chocolate with cherry sauce
Lemon panna cotta with seasonal fruit ragout
Piña colada mousse with pineapple relish
29 euros p.p.
Dinner Buffet II
Marinated deep-sea shrimp over avocado mousse and grilled
Octopus on a bed of white-bean and mangetout salad
Sautéed meatballs with potato and cucumber salad
Glazed Asian-style duck on soy sprout salad
Baby vine-ripened tomatoes with mozzarella and chive
Selection of leaf lettuces and prepared deli-style salads
alongside various toppings and dressings
Assorted bread and rolls with butter
Lemongrass and coconut soup with fried cauliflower florets
Roasted salmon fillet with potato-cucumber ragout
Coq au vin with pearl onions, bacon lardons and root vegetables
Provolone-filled pasta in truffle cream
Seasonal vegetables
Butter rice
 Pina colada mousse with pineapple ragout
Chocolate mousse variations
Mascarpone orange mousse
From the chocolate fountain:
Exotic fruit, cubed and ready to dip in chocolate
34 euros p.p.
Dinner Buffet III
Norwegian salmon fresh from our smoker served
with beetroot horseradish
Marinated cocktail shrimps with chicory-orange salad
Roast beef with soft field lettuce and apple-curry chutney
Carrot and pumpkin salad with marinated chicken fillets
Tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella and pesto
Pear and spinach salad with Roquefort
Vegetable antipasti
Selection of leaf lettuces and deli-style salads
with an assortment of toppings and dressings
Assorted bread and rolls with butter
Turnip cabbage cream soup
Roasted cod with honey Dijon sauce on a bed of creamed cabbage
Roast beef from our deli slicer with Marsala jus
Poussin breast with honey-orange jus
Tortiglioni with pumpkin-chili sauce and roasted tofu
Assorted seasonal vegetables
Potato gratin, spaetzle noodles with bacon
Assorted cheeses with grapes and pumpernickel bread
Selection of international desserts specialties
from our patisserie
Chocolate-dipped profiteroles
Chocolate "lasagne"
Quark strudel with apricot sauce
Seasonal small bites
41 euros p.p.
Live Cooking Options
Fresh from our smoker:
Smoked Norwegian salmon with creamy horseradishes
From our original Italian deli slicer:
Selection of specialty international cold cuts, vegetable
antipasti and freshly baked ciabatta
Burger station:
Asian burger with coriander beef, chutney and mixed shoots
From our concrete mixer:
Asian salad of shoots with glazed duck breast and Asian dip
From our cutting station:
24h cooked beef leg with potato breadrolls an coleslow
Pulled Pork Burger:
In a burger bun with coleslaw and BBQ sauce
Berlin-style Döner stand:
Chicken Döner with crisp flatbread, tomatoes,
cucumbers, shredded lettuce and chili or garlic sauce
From our pizza oven:
Freshly baked pizzas with various toppings
From our crêpe station:
Crêpes served with a selection of sweet fillings
The options can be added on to our standard buffets.
Price on request.
Flying Buffet I
Mini brioche with smoked salmon and honey mustard sauce
Bite-sized herbed meatballs with potato salad
Turkey curry with glass noodle salad
Colourful tomato salad with mini mozzarella balls
and toasted ciabatta
Black Tiger shrimp and sweet-potato puree
Tandoori chicken stripes with mango-chili dip
3 types of BBQ burger
Tortellini with vegetables Bolognese
Mascarpone mousse with ladyfingers and Amaretto cherries
Pina colada mousse with pineapple ragout
29 euros p.p.
Food will be served from trays in small bowls and plates.
Prices may vary depending on event type and scope.
Flying Buffet II
Couscous salad with crayfish and cilantro yoghurt
Colourful lentil salad with smoked duck breast
Roast beef with asparagus and asian rémoulade
Caesar salad with grated parmesan and croûtons
Cherry tomatoes with feta cheese and rocket salad
Chilled tomato-orange shooter with ginger
Scallops with cucumber-mustard purée
Glazed quail breast on a bed of vegetable and grain risotto
Medallions of young pork à la Strindberg on potato-onion purée
Provolone-stuffed pasta with truffle sauce
Small glasses filled with:
Mousse au chocolat with marinated berries
Panna cotta with passion fruit
Bavarian cream with raspberry sauce and chcolat
39 euros p.p.
Food will be served from trays on small bowls and plates.
Prices may vary depending on event type and scope.

Prices quoted exclude statutory VAT.

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