Estrel Berlin
Supply network

The required data for audio, video and lighting technology can be routed throughout our meeting space via an in-house network.


The nine-meter-high ceiling of the Convention Hall I and the 11.5-meter-high ceiling of the Convention Hall II, have several support axles with fixed and freely positionable suspension points with high load bearing capacity. Various truss systems can be attached to these, and the control technology is available in-house.

PA systems

To achieve optimal sound our technical team works with several different sophisticated systems that meet the event requirements for any situation. For sound control, digital mixers are available, wireless microphones from Shure and a wide range of effects units complete our collection. The audio signals can be edited using a sound routing system and forwarded to different areas depending on your needs.

Projection equipment

We use a variety of projectors featuring a wide range of performance ratings along with our stock of numerous video screen formats to facilitate the projection of video and data. To ensure that you get the top quality you expect, we’ll supply you with all the professional camera crews and equipment your event requires, along with control rooms and video recording studios configured to meet your needs.

Lighting systems

The Estrel Congress Center’s lighting systems offer unlimited possibilities for staging your event. Whether you require stage lighting for transmission-quality video recording or an atmospheric room setting or lighting for theatre and show productions, we can cover all of your needs. For show and effect lighting, we use highly acclaimed and state-of-the-art moving light systems. We can also provide you with special elements, such as fog machines or suspended mirror balls.

Conference Communication Services

Irrespective of event size, it is possible for us to equip conferences with a conference panel discussion system. Corresponding sound systems including variable audio consoles (also with playback & sound effect capabilities) as well as the required microphones may be arranged. If simultaneous language translation is required, translation booths and receivers are also available.

Stage production and decoration services

We can fulfill your staging needs for everything from a traditional conference set-up to the most elaborate show stage. In working with set designers, there is no limit to the creative possibilities and if desired, the client’s corporate identity may be placed in the spotlight.


In addition to providing and operating the technical equipment, our team of technicians is also there to assist you with event conceptualization. Look to us to support you in creating technical concepts, event logistic plans, prompt books, and lighting & sound concepts for your event. This covers everything from the creation of stage sets to coordinating agents, artists and the technical personnel.