Estrel Berlin
Structured network

You can access our fibre-optic / CAT5-7 interconnected network throughout the entire hotel and the Estrel Congress Center. Each of the network segments is housed in climate-controlled wiring closets and can be connected at will. The rooms are secured with a keycard access system, ensuring you a high level of data and access security. You also have the option of installing a network with your own equipment.

Internet connection

Two broadband connections of renowned internet providers feature bandwidth up to 1Gbit/s, guaranteeing you connectivity to meet all your online needs. You can choose between automatic addressing (DHCP) and static IP addresses.


All of our event rooms are equipped with WiFi internet access to current standards and can be set up for individual or multi-user access as needed.

Active network components

Upon request, we can use a variety of virtual networks (VLAN) on our site to construct a data transmission connection for you with gigabit speed. This allows you to keep participants in your event updated around the clock with the latest data at different locations throughout the premises.


We can provide all of your rental telephone connection needs, ranging from analogue connections to numerous PRI phone extensions. We can also equip you with mobile telephones assigned to a closed group of users for your internal communications.

Other IT services

In addition to telephones, you can also hire other IT tools from us including network equipment, complete systems and high-performance colour copiers.