The Estrel’s new favourite place

The name says it all: "Lieblingsplatz", meaning "favourite place", is the Estrel Berlin’s new staff restaurant. Following a comprehensive redesign, "Lieblingsplatz" prioritises healthy food, sustainability and, above all, a feel-good vibe.

New cafeteria at Estrel Berlin

The new staff restaurant is stylish and contemporary, complete with a lot of light wood, decorative tiling, Italian palazzo-inspired wallpaper and ambient lighting. With 100 seats to choose from, Estrel staff are free to sit wherever, not to mention with whomever, they want. Tables that seat two are ideal for a more intimate dining experience, while cosy coffee shop-style nooks are perfect for larger groups. At the centre of the restau- rant is a long 16-person table with eye-catching red stools for catching up with co-workers from other departments.

The restaurant features an open-plan kitchen with a front cooking station that offers a diverse and healthy range of meal options. Dishes are freshly prepared every day, with a new, bigger, salad buffet. It goes without saying that vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as meals that conform to religious dietary restrictions are readily available to the Estrel’s diverse team. Water, coffee, and tea are on the house, and there are two microwaves for staff members who choose to bring their own meals.

As sustainability is key at the Estrel "Lieblingsplatz" is plastic-free and avoids using disposable products. What’s more, thanks to the new cashless payment system, staff can purchase meals with just one swipe of the same staff ID card that also opens many of the Estrel’s doors and the new automated lockers.

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