Estrel Berlin

Social Commitment

Since 2013, the Estrel Berlin has been supporting the international aid organization buildOn. This non-governmental organization (NGO) works to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education. buildOn empowers urban youth to transform their neighborhoods through intensive community service and change the world by building schools in some of the economically poorest countries on the planet. Over 1,000 schools have been built to date, three of which solidly funded by the Estrel: Malawi (2014), Senegal (2016) and Nepal (2018). Members of the Estrel team have participated in the initial phases of the construction of each of these schools. Simultaneously, the program engages youth from challenged backgrounds here in Berlin to participate in community service, fundraising and the actual school construction onsite.
The Estrel Berlin has been hosting its own Christmas party especially for the homeless since 1998. The project is a co-operation with entertainer Frank Zander, who, along with his family, has dedicated himself to this cause for many years. Around 2,500 homeless and needy people are welcomed every year to the goose dinner at the Estrel Congress Center.
Christmas Wish Tree
This special Estrel event has been bringing happiness to children since 2011. The wish-tree is a special Christmas tree that stands in the hotel lobby during the festive season. The tree is covered with wish lists written by girls and boys from a youth shelter in Berlin's Neukölln district. Guests, staff and management of the Estrel make payments at the hotel reception to fulfil the wishes of these young people, and the gifts are presented to the children during a Christmas party.
The "Nestwärme" association is committed to promoting the integration of children and teenagers affected by AIDS and HIV. The Estrel Berlin buys advertising space on a vehicle and the resulting income helps finance a shuttle service for taking children on day trips.
Ricam Hospice
Since 1998 the Ricam Hospice in Berlin's Neukölln district has been committed to giving terminally ill people the opportunity to live their final days and months in a safe, secure and self-determined environment. 90 % of the patients' costs at the hospice are covered by health insurance, but the remaining 10 % is raised entirely through donations. Visitors can support the project by purchasing tickets for the annual "Ball Under the Stars" at the Estrel Berlin. The ball has been sponsored by the Estrel since 2006.
Children at Risk
"Helping – protecting – supporting" is the slogan of this non-profit initiative which helps Berlin and Brandenburg’s socially deprived children and those at-risk for disease. At the invitation of variety show producer Bernhard Kurz and under the patronage of former Berlin-Neukölln district mayor Prof. Bodo Manegold, the Estrel Festival Center hosts an annual "Stars in Concert" show to raise money for a "Children at Risk" project. This charity was founded in 1999 and has previously supported activities such as the "Clown Consultation Hour" at the Vivantes Children's Hospital in Berlin's Neukölln district.