Estrel Berlin

Our values

Estrel stands for family
As part of the greater Estrel family, we believe in fostering close relationships. This sense of togetherness through tolerance and respect resonates in everything we do. Likewise, we aim to create and maintain a strong sense of community that inspires constructive teamwork.
We hold one another – as well as our guests and customers – in the highest esteem, with customer relations benefiting from our excellent work environment every step of the way. We welcome our guests and customers into the Estrel family, and are ready to listen and ask the right questions in order to best fulfil their needs.
Estrel stands for excellence
Dedicated and motivated, we strive to exceed our highest expectations as we find new ways to surprise and delight our guests and customers.
Working together, we make a point of always finding the best solution. In an increasingly complex world, we support long-lasting partnerships based on above-board statements and values. We boldly question outdated concepts and champion new ideas.
Estrel stands for quality
Through on-going growth, improvement and development, we guarantee consistent quality across the board.
We turn to our experience and know-how to continuously improve our developmental processes, while always focussing on the needs of our guests and customers. We further demonstrate our commitment to quality by making foresight and social responsibility integral parts of our everyday lives.
Estrel stands for reliability
It's easy for our guests and customers to see that our attitudes of mutual trust and reliability create a positive work environment.
It's more than our impressive size that makes us a great partner – it's our impeccable quality and perfect track record. We stick to our word and value long-term, stabile partnerships.
Estrel stands for loyalty
We are firm believers in demonstrating uncompromising loyalty to our colleagues, customers and guests alike. This respectful and responsible attitude begins at the corporate management level and extends throughout our entire establishment.
Our loyalty to guests, customers and colleagues serves as a foundation for trust and working together. This cooperation, in turn, is based on a culture of open communication in which we treat one another as equals and only make promises we can keep.