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7.2 million euros invested in the Estrel Berlin's redesign

Berlin, 05 September 2017. An extensive redesign of the 2,800-square-metre atrium with its five restaurants and bars as well as its reception area has been carried out in a record-breaking eight months. Since its completion in mid-August, the heart of Germany's largest hotel boasts a new, timelessly elegant design which favours simplicity. The total sum invested was 7.2 million euros.
"We're considered a benchmark institution in the hotel and conference market based on our size alone. With the help of Italian interior designer Luigi Lanzi, we've successfully combined elegance with the height of functionality," says Ekkehard Streletzki, owner of the Estrel. The Bologna-based interior designer previously worked on Berlin's Ellington Hotel, which also belongs to the Streletzki group.
The first step involved lining the 120-square-metre interior façade of the atrium's mezzanine with mirrors to create an illusion of spaciousness. Lanzi then worked together with an Italian florist to design 12-metre-high walls adorned with plants to serve as mobile partitions and bring a garden aesthetic to the atrium.
Done in a finish called "Dark Lady", the foyer's reception and concierge counters, which had already been redesigned in the spring, add an elegant touch to the space. The same materials were used for the atrium bars, ensuring consistency in the design of the two areas. A special challenge proved to be designing one of the bars, which is used in the morning to serve breakfast, as a co-working space in the afternoon and a cocktail bar in the evening. The solution was to create a multi-functional buffet with an integrated heating element for keeping breakfasts warm, as well as a refrigerator. Thanks to a hydraulic extension, these can be covered to create a co-working table, which in the evenings is transformed into a cocktail bar with the help of bar stools.
In subsequent building phases, each of the five restaurants was gutted before being rebuilt according to Lanzi's designs and fitted with open-plan kitchens. At the "Grill", which serves specialties such as steak, grilled fish and burgers from an open-plan kitchen, diners' eyes are drawn to the extravagant wine cabinet and delicate chandeliers, both of which give the modern ambiance a certain dramatic feel. The new design of "Portfino", on the other hand, is inspired by typical Italian trattorias, with white kitchen tiles, rustic tables with blue and white chequered table cloths and wood-panelled walls and pillars providing a Mediterranean flair.
In addition, the floor of the atrium has been laid with subtle grey tiles that make the entire hotel feel brand new. A particular highlight will be the arrival of a collection of contemporary art, including a hanging sculpture from artist Anselm Reyle.