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Estrel Tower to Become Tallest Hotel in Germany

Berlin, 26 Februar 2014. Estrel Berlin, Europe's largest convention, entertainment and hotel complex is to be expanded by adding the Estrel Tower. In addition to the planned expansion of the hotel accommodation by 814 new rooms, the project will also include new exhibition and event space on the south side of Sonnenallee. The winning entry was presented after a 12 weeks of evaluation of the submissions in the urban design and structural engineering competition. According to the specifications of the winning entry that was created under the aegis of Professor Zvonko Turkali, and cited by the jury of nine experts, the Estrel Tower will be 175 metres high, making it the tallest non-technical structure in Berlin.
In the eyes of Regula Lüscher, Berlin's Senate Building Director and one of the jury members, ideas like this one are decisive for the city's development. "Mr Streletzki already showed particularly enterprising spirit and keen business sense when he opened the Estrel Hotel 20 years ago. He made the right decision when he opted for an architectural design competition in order to create another landmark for both Berlin and his company, right on the boundary between the inner and outer city. The project creates a convincing ensemble together with the existing complex and combines a well-proportioned forecourt facing Sonnenallee with a spacious public waterfront promenade. The soon to be built tower will create an ensemble that is suggestive of Scharoun's exemplary structures in town."
"We Want to be the Gateway to the City of Berlin"
"Our history has always been defined by growth. Without it, the past 20 years would not have been quite as successful," said Ekkehard Streletzki, the proprietor of the Estrel Berlin. "n the future, you will experience our Estrel as the gateway to the city when coming in from the new airport." He added that the redevelopment of the Estrel will give the city as a whole another architectural landmark. Heinz Buschkowsky, the Mayor of the Borough of Neukölln, where the Estrel is located, said he has always been convinced that Neukölln has the potential for such an event complex. "Ekkehard Streletzki and the Estrel are inextricably tied to Neukölln. They guarantee that positive signals radiate from Neukölln out into the world. 300,000 overnight stays to date and the most cutting-edge convention centre, future home to Berlin's new beacon, will make the entrepreneur Streletzki and the Borough of Neukölln both look good. He fought long enough for it," elaborated Buschkowsky.
The Winning Entry – by Barkow Leibinger
The winning design was commended for creating, from an urban planning perspective, an unmistakable gateway in the area of Sonnenallee and the Neukölln Ship Canal. "It creates, through its form and the proposed dimensions of the building, as well as through the interplay with the existing Hotel Estrel, an accomplished, harmonious, macro-ensemble. The high-rise is a particularly concise building. The complex represents an agglomeration of buildings marked by short distances, both indoor and out. Another positive aspect worth highlighting is the common area on the waterfront that integrates the public walkways and bicycle trails, which already exist in the north side of Sonnenallee, enabling them to pass through and continue along the south side of the canal. The design is characterized by the structural separation of hotel tower, office building, multi-storey car park, as well as the fitness and restaurant building. These structures are linked by a glazed, spatially attractive atrium resulting in a versatile and high quality indoor public space environment. Highly appealing is also the sky bar, complete with an outdoor patio, which is to be installed in the sloped roof section of the high-rise. This design entry is the only one proposing to house the office accommodation in a separate annex building next door. The annex could however be used for hospitality purposes as well. The exhibition and convention centre on the southern edge of the complex lends itself to a variety of uses. All things considered, the entry meets the highly complex urban planning, architectural and open area requirements and does so in a particularly positive manner. Its designers managed to create a particularly impressive ensemble that links the buildings neighboring the Estrel Hotel, highlights the special location on Sonnenallee and along the inland waterway while simultaneously resulting in autonomous, high-quality architecture" (excerpt from the minutes of the jury meeting).
Other Entries Cited
The second prize was awarded to schneider + schumacher, while third prize went to Meixner Schlüter Wendt, both firms being based in Frankfurt am Main. Commended were also the entries submitted by Kleihues + Kleihues, Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, from Berlin, Sauerbruch Hutton from Berlin, and ingenhoven architects from Düsseldorf.
The Competing Entries on Display
All of the designs submitted will be on display at the Estrel Berlin in the Paris Room at Sonnenallee 225 in 12057 Berlin on 26 and 27 February and between 2 and 6 March 2014. The exhibition is open daily between 09:00 and 20:00 CET.
The Problem to Solve to Win the Contest
The hotel's operator, the Estrel Hotel-Betriebs-GmbH, intends to collaborate with K.M.C. Kommunikations- and Medien Center GmbH to realise this extensive expansion. On the 3.2-hectare plot right across from the existing Estrel Hotel south of Sonnenallee, a high-rise with hotel, residential and office accommodation and event halls is to be created along with a multi-storey car park. Of particular importance for the urban planning aspect of the competition was to integrate the building complex into the urban structure while letting it interact with its immediate vicinity and enhancing its network integration. Desiderata included an attractive connection between the existing hotel complex with its planned annex and the connection of the entire hotel area to the bank of the Neukölln Ship Canal, among other things. The structural engineering part was expected to present an ambitious building cluster in urban planning, architectural and functional terms whose upward thrust and outward radiance would do justice to the micro- and macro-environment.
Nature of the Competition / Competition Management
The competition was conducted as an invitational urban design and structural-engineering competition, using the cooperative procedure. Underlying the competition was the German RPW 2013 guideline for urban planning competitions. The competition was conducted by the Berlin-based planning and architectural firm of Herwarth + Holz (contact: Brigitte Holz, phone: +49 30 / 61654780).
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