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Estrel Berlin: Europe's Largest Convention, Entertainment & Hotel Complex Poised to Expand further

Berlin, 17 Oktober2013. Estrel Berlin, Europe's biggest convention, entertainment and hotel complex is poised to expand further. The Estrel's owner and principal, Ekkehard Streletzki, is planning to raise Estrel Tower, a 176-metre tower of 50 floors and around 700 hotel rooms at the 33,000 square-metre compound at Sonnenallee 228 in Berlin-Neukölln. Once completed, it would be Berlin's tallest non-technical structure. "The idea is to permanently enhance our market position and to boost our established location in Berlin by expanding our hospitality and convention capacities on the grounds of the Estrel Berlin," explained Ekkehard Streletzki, owner of the Estrel. The hotel and convention centre has launched a limited open-brainstorming competition for the project. Town planners and architects have 12 weeks now to draft and submit their planning proposals. The objective is to identify ideas and suggestions on how the planned building complex could upgrade the public domain for residents, employees and visitors. It is intended, among other things, to open up certain parts of the grounds, as well as the ground floor and top floor of the tower, for public use.
A Berlin Landmark
The Estrel Berlin is hosting the competition in cooperation with the borough council office of Neukölln, Berlin's city government, and the architects registration board of Berlin. It is managed by the Berlin-based planning and architectural form of Herwarth + Holz. Six selected architectural and town-planning firms will participate in the competition. The winner will be picked by a jury of twelve from among the submitted proposals, and cited. Afterwards, all of the entries in the brainstorming competition will go on public display at the Estrel Berlin. Based on the competition's outcome, the Estrel Berlin will develop a master plan that permits an incremental implementation, thereby facilitating future building decisions and eventually resulting in the creation of a modern hotel and office tower of architectural landmark character.
A Second Event Complex
In addition, the company filed a planning application for a second convention and event hall at the address of Ziegrastrasse 15-19. The project will directly border on the existing convention and event centre. It is planned to raise two new event facilities that would accommodate a total of 4,200 visitors. The total usable area of the new buildings will be nearly 8,500 square metres. The added event space would make it possible to bridge the redecorating phases of the existing convention and event hall, and to host event back-to-back. The extra floor area would also provide the space needed for exhibitions and trade fairs accompanying conventions. The planned investment volume for the new event complex will be approximately 20 million euros. Construction is scheduled to start in 2014, with the first construction stage to be completed by October 2014, and the second one by summer 2015.